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Preorders FAQ

Pre-Order Policies

What Is A Pre-Order?

It is an item that has yet to be released. By pre-ordering, you secure an item, and it will be

shipped out to you when it has been released. Very Popular and/or limited items may pre-sell

out, and not be available unless you booked your item through a pre-order. Pre-ordering is the

only way to guarantee that you will receive an item you really want, while also saving money on

the retail price. When merchandise arrives, pre-orders are first to be fulfilled! Pre-Ordering with is the only way to go!

Placing Your Order

Placing an order is easy! Simply place the items that have a pre-order status indicator on them,

in your cart and then check out. Please be aware that our website may not allow you to order

in-stock items in the same cart as pre-order items.

Pre-Order Payment

All pre-orders must be paid in full at the time of checkout.

Shipping / Local Pickup of Pre-Orders

Shipping: If you are having multiple pre-order items shipped to you and they arrive here at

different times, we will hold the items for you until they all arrive so they can ship together.

This way, you are only paying once for shipping. If you are ordering items with release dates

that are months apart, make sure to place several orders, otherwise they will all be shipped

when the later releases arrive.

Local Pickup: If your shipping address is in Quebec, this option will be available on checkout.

You may pickup your order when it is ready. If you pre-order multiple items with different

release dates, or ones that happen to come in at different times, we will process them

individually as they come in for you.


Release Dates

Estimated release dates are exactly that, estimates. All release dates are subject to change by

the manufacturer(s), and out of our control. The shipping dates listed are based on information

that we receive from the manufacturers. We try to provide the most accurate ship dates we

can, however the collectible toy industry is known for late releases. We do not recommend pre-

ordering items with the intentions of having them in time for a specific date, unless you are

prepared for the possibility of not receiving the items by said date.


Cancellation of Pre-Orders

If you cancel a pre-order within 48 hours, there are no penalties to pay. When an order is

cancelled by a customer, we cannot cancel the order from the manufacturer. Therefore if you

cancel a pre-order after 48 hours of placing it, you will be charged a 20% cancellation fee of

your total order.

If an item is more than 6 months late from the expected release-date, you may contact us to

cancel your order without penalty.